From The Ashes

from by Knox

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On the 3rd of the 12th month of 83
Robert Anthony entered the hellish fiery scream
Of life, they gave birth to the man on a mission
Came to piss off the world with his tears and his vision
Of self richestness, like he grabbed the torch
To fucking reach at the weak souls sitting on the porch
Open the wounds of scare tissues and tombs
For the sake of breakage and the flight just to enter your womb
I came to fuck it, leave it in the bottom of my nest
So I can come back in a later date and tear apart the rest
The hunter prowling on the prey on this bright sunny day
Moving forward with intent for departure dates
Sacrifice goes to those who sell they souls
For understanding of the painted picture fishing in this hole
Come on and get real with me, and search for progress
Releasing all the darkness that’s imbedded in my chest

Get back to basics; wash behind the ear lobes of fakeness
Fake shit, running in an orgy of statements
Of fearful tactics that spreads to the trendy
The minds willing to sir come to anybody steering
Everybody aint fake this is what life’s becomes
A shell of mirages, plastic and fronting on the funds
Aint nobody real cause nobody’s real to themselves
So fuck the bullshit, I’m looking for the knowledge of wealth
The answer can’t be found in the sky by vertebrates who lay
Cause wickedness follows those fucking birds that prey
Feeding all who listen this watered down mush of mudd
Soldiers hit the streets with pins and write from the blood
But you can sit here and talk and claim you’s the shit
With your platinum watch and chain and your iced out wrist
Fuck you! And the rusted table that you stand
Cause understand what you see and what you hear is a man!

The Centaur has returned to claim the throne
Abolishing feeble minds, who abuse the chrome
Obliterate the thoughts of anarchistic tiffs
Rain supreme with a mic in the ruler’s fists
Those who doubt me will feel the wrath of the quiz arts hatarack
The sleeper has waken to battle back
I bring forth the spice that enlightens the mind
Ouzel the chosen one here to mend the broken line
Eyes open, illuminate the darkness, regardless
Settle the smoke, and bring the starship
Star fantasia expand the galaxies,
Then the black hole emerges in time to battle me
Super novas and Novocain can’t explain my game
I crush moons and planets like asteroids insane
Give birth to the eclipse when my backs on the earth
Destroy every organism what its life was worth

Plague man women and child is where I begin
Killing off this deadly world naming Knox the eight sin
Four horsemen before bow to me
The prophecy of pain and I set you free
Upon this world as my mind takes control
The world that I chose for me to behold
And shatter the opposition with egotistical vision
And see your down fall with psychedelic predictions
This mind capacity eradicates you mentally
Rips ya tissue and strangulates you physically
My rhyming fluidics, it floats moon physics
Fuse my thought patterns in labs like bio-chemists
I’m automatic, like attics inclined to be a habit
You sporadic and can’t breath a breath like asthmatics
My ability to spit some crazy shit like this
Increases the possibility of thumping my shit


from From The Ashes, track released September 14, 2010
Knox-Vocals (Falling of a Martyr)
Produced by J-Roc The Doc for Devastation Sounds



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Knox Phoenix, Arizona

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