Lowlife Loser

from by Knox

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I see the way that you look at me
I’m a looser, a lowlife, a nobody
You can say what you want, that I have no goals
Cause you pissed on the game and you shat on its soul

You think your criticism is breaking my spirit
Resurrect the inherited mind phoenix of the gifted
Defecating on mellow drama, the stupid and simplistic
Battle ramming these manikins who picket
Knox, mother fucka, shaking the foundation
Penetrating through the gorilla mist of all the hating
Upper cutting the shallowness of this business
With anxiousness to pin drop the penmanship

I’m hated like communists in America
People doubting on my outcome, I will bury ya
This one is dedicated to all the peeps
Who slept on me, wished I would be deceased

I see the way that you’ve played the game
Now, I’ve returned back to remove the shame
Seek and destroy an end of you
It’s time for the rest to say adu.

I sit around and watch these gimmicks,
Clown the craft, it’s time to quit it
I’m a critic a man that spit it
The game is flushed I wipe my ass hole wit it

You phony you fakes you made a mistake
I’m here to bring the chaos back and raise the stakes
What you don’t know? My habitat is surrounded by static
See I’m an attic for punishing and I’m bringin’ the havoc
Listen! I aint playin no games, fuck the shame of fame
I’ll put ya teeth on the curb and kick ya frame
Cocky yes, I don’t deal with stress
I lay you flat on your back so you can finally rest

Imitational no, I got a vendetta flow,
And I’m back on the grind to settle the score
So watch ya mouth piece homie when you speakin’ on me
Cause I’m a hungry motha fucka with his heart on his sleeve

(Let me get a second to breath break)
I almost hung the microphone and put the pin on the shelf
But family encouraged me to give AZ some help
So I loaded cases of knowledge and headed to the lab
With a blueprint in a bag and my ego much in tacked
I loaded the verbal millimeter, cocked that shit back
And amplified electrical signals to hear the broadcast
I spilled the data from the manuscripts out my throat box
Until communications connected people by the flocks
I had a message of “fuck it” speaking to open your notion
And let them know n-w-o was now set in motion
Me and my peeps went from blocks to neighborhood running
We had support from the hood that respected vocal gunning
And every now and then we would hear odium flares
So like soldiers we handled every state of affair
With out reflection just arrogance with which we abide
The Eye of RAA family just jumped in the ride

I see the way that you’ve played the game
Now, I’ve returned back to remove the shame
Seek and destroy an end of you
It’s time for the rest to say adu.


from From The Ashes, track released September 14, 2010
Knox-Vocals (Falling of a Martyr) ASCAP
Produced by J-Roc The Doc for Devastation Sounds



all rights reserved


Knox Phoenix, Arizona

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